Thursday, 21 January 2016

Review- Transformers Combiner Wars G2 Menasor

When I saw the news on G2 Menasor, I knew I wasn't going to get this set. You heard me right. I mean, you read me correctly. I wasn't ready to shell out SGD $150-$170 for a repaint of a combiner set that I already owned. Then I saw this set on Taobao. He was priced at SGD $60 and the seller offered free local shipping to my mail forwarding address. Of course I changed my mind! It would be a great sin to pass on a deal so sweet.




Blackjack Vehicle Mode  


Blackjack Robot Mode

The chest armour dude now spot a dominant purple with some black and blue. He shares similar colours with G2 Motormaster as Blackjack has to fit onto Motormaster in combiner mode. The same issue with the pegs still applies and he doesn't stick onto Motomaster all too well. The G2 Decepticon logo on this figure is beautiful and well-located on the figure.




Motormaster Vehicle Mode      

Motormaster Robot Mode

By far this has got to be the best figure in the set! I love the blend of the dominant blue and purple, with some black and red. This glossy blue and red are the same colours used on Smokescreen and I adore the choice! 




Dragstrip Vehicle Mode    

Dragstrip Robot Mode


I think it's a draw between the G2 and original colours of Dragstrip. I can't really decide which is better. The black and blue added a stealth feel to this figure. Loving this recolour!




Brake-Neck Vehicle Mode


Brake-Neck Robot Mode

While I like the yellow and racing paint job on this guy, I can't say the same for the colour used on the face. It just doesn't blend well with the rest of the paint. On a side note, I find the head a little loose as he popped open on me. Nothing broke, but you might want to be careful with the head.




Breakdown Vehicle Mode


Breakdown Robot Mode            

This figure is just plain gaudy. But it feels so retro and good. I am getting confused with my feelings here. Gaudy good, not gaudy bad. 


Dead End


Dead End Vehicle Mode            

Dead End Robot Mode

I definitely prefer the colours from the original release. The bright red doesn't go well for me but I get it that he has to be of this these colours to wear the G2 colour scheme.




Team Vehicle Shot





One is not enough.          

I was reminded of why I didn't like this combiner. The hip joints and Blackjack not staying in place irritated me when I got the original release. Yes, I know. I need to get the PE upgrades. Comparing with Defensor or Bruticus, Menansor is weaker in terms of the molds. I say grab this guy only if you are a hardcore Menasor fan or a real good price. Otherwise, it's an easy pass.

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